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SSC March 2016 Result
No of students appeared: 225
No of students passed:223
School Result 99.11%
No. of students securing above 90% marks: 29
First Rank student:
Mast. Vaibhav Sanghavi 95.60%
Other Activities
Nature Club
Our nature club aims to generate effective awareness, conservation and protection of environment in the society through our students. Our CAPE (Conservation Awareness & Protection of Environment) Nature Club takes initiative towards pitching conservation efforts at school level. This also motivates the students in pursuing the dream of a green and beautiful environment of which we all are the fortunate members.
Science Club
We, at LASER science club intend to impart basic knowledge of science beyond classroom teaching. Our science club consists of students from Standard VI to VIII.  Each month, members participate in an activity, project making or volunteer tasks related to science. Visits to various Science Institutes, interaction with Scientists are conducted by the students. Every year National Science Day is celebrated by the club members.
Eco Club
Eco Club of our school works at motivating students to keep their surrounding clean by undertaking variety of activities. We intend to promote the ethos of conservation of water by the proper use of water. Through this club we inculcate the students to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation, source separation of waste. Compost horticulture waste to use it as manure for Kitchen garden forms main part of activities. We induce the students to create awareness among public and sanitary workers to stop the indiscriminate burning of waste which causes respiratory diseases. Sensitizing the students to minimize the use of plastics/polythene bags, not to throw them in public places as they cause water logging and provide breeding ground for rodents and pests is also a part of our activity. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse is experienced throughout our activities.
Language Club
The language club is conducting activities to develop student’s interest in languages. The students will learn things in a better way, improve vocabulary, confidence in speaking language fluently. Activities also boost their creativity as students are asked to compose poems/ write dialogues/stories etc. Students participate for all languages taught at the school namely English , Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, French. Creative work of students is appreciated.
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